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Sports Bras

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Panache Sport Bra

Someone asked me how I handle long treadmill workouts. Encapsulation sports bras use cups to support breasts individually, while compression sports bras just push them towards the ribcage. Since breasts move in a figure 8 pattern, I like to wear encapsulation sports bras in order to limit movement and protect ligaments. I love cute compression sports bras but they really don’t love me back.

Panache Sport – 28-40 B-J (UK)

I wear the Panache Sport, an encapsulation sports bra, for medium to high impact workouts. One may need to size down depending on breast shape. I go down one cup size from my usual Panache size.

Panache Sport

This sports bra, said to reduce bounce by 83%, was developed and tested by Progressive Sports Technologies at Loughborough University using 3D motion and biomechanical technology.

Sculptresse Sports Bra
Sculptresse by Panache Sports Bra – available in 34-46 D-J (UK)

Panache Sport

I honestly love this quote so much that I have it taped to the front of my sports bra drawer as a reminder that I have things under control.

Bravissimo Skye Sports Bra
Bravissimo Skye – available in 30-38 DD-H (UK)

Freya Active 4002.jpg
Freya Active Sports Bra – 28-38 D-K (UK)

Lululemon Enlite Bra – available in 32-38 A-E

Parfait Active Sports Bra.jpg
Parfait Sports Bra – 30-44 D-I (US)

Availability is subject to change. This is by no means a complete list but I sincerely hope that it helps. Updated July 8, 2018.

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