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Wearing a less than ideal bra size can impact one’s quality of life.

Inadequate support can cause headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder and back pain. Understanding bra size math is critical because some stores brazenly use deceptive measuring techniques to try to sell bras to people outside of their size range, like shown above.

Did you know that different regions use different bra sizing systems?

Australia, Europe, France, Italy, Japan, UK and US have their own systems. Cup sizes vary between systems so it is important to know which system a particular brand uses. Without context, H-cup could refer to either an 8″ or an 11″ difference between bust and underbust!

You should get a fitting done by a reputable bra fitter if possible.

There is information on how to find a lingerie store near you on the “Bra Shopping” page. If you are unable to go get a fitting, the following techniques should get you to a sufficient starting point but you should expect to go through trial and error.

Do you want to calculate your suggested starting size?

Step 1 – Locate a plastic or cloth measuring tape, not a paper tape. You will need the ability to really pull on it without fear of ripping.

Step 2 – Do It Yourself (DIY) method – Carefully follow the instructions on the Busty Resources guide.

Step 2 – Do It For Me (DIFM) method – Carefully follow the instructions on the A Bra That Fits Bra Sizing Calculator or the Sophisticated Pair Bra Size Calculator.

Note – If you are in disbelief about a suggested starting band size of 24, 26, 28 or 30, visit the Bra Band Project! If you don’t believe your suggested starting cup size, please try to suspend your disbelief. There is life beyond the letter “D” and it is actually pretty damn fun up here. 😉

DIY screenshot from the Busty Resources guide:

Calculated band size: 26 (underbust)
Calculated cup size: 35 (bust) – 26 (underbust) = 9″ difference = G
Suggested starting bra size: 26G (UK) / 26I (US)

DIFM screenshot from the ABTF Bra Sizing Calculator:


How did my suggested starting size fit?

I tried my sister size, 28FF (UK), because 26-band bras are unsurprisingly not stocked in stores locally. The cup volume was spot on! I fill the cups but don’t spill out. I feel comfortably supported in 28FF bras and the occasional firm 30F. Your mileage may vary.

Additional Resources:

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