Welcome to Just Curvy Things! My name is Ami. I live in America, where bust-friendly knowledge and products are limited. About 3 years ago, I lost 35 pounds from everywhere except my chest and was forced to learn how to navigate this world for the very first time. I was honestly lost until my friend referred me to /r/ABraThatFits. Since then, I have learned a lot and I wish to pass this information along.

I created this blog in December 2016 to document the trials and tribulations of life with curves, including finding clothes and lingerie that accommodate my small frame, and the reality of having a heavy chest.

I have been on both sides of the coin and in the various spaces in between. I have been medically underweight and medically overweight. I have had a small chest and a large chest. I have hated my appearance and loved my appearance. The long and short of it is that I have run the gamut and, more likely than not, I can relate to you on some level. Here are some answers to help articulate where I currently stand on relevant matters.

Age: 29
Height: 4’11.5″ (151 cm)
Weight: I am generally between 95-100 pounds (43.09-45.36 kg)
Measurements: 33″ (83.8 cm) bust, 24″ (61.0 cm) waist, 33″ (83.8 cm) hips

Bra size: 26H/I (US) or 26FF/G (UK), sister size to 28G/H (US) or 28F/FF (UK)
Measurements: 25″ snug, 24″ tight, 33″ standing, 33.25″ leaning, 33.5″ lying
General info: I have never been reduced, augmented or pregnant
Specific info: Even shape, annoyingly self-supporting and high-set
Favorite bra size calculator: A Bra That Fits Bra Size Calculator

Underwear size: XS/S
Jean size: 24″ or 00 (US)

Athleisure clothing sizes: Athleta XXS, Lululemon 2
Bust-friendly clothing sizes: BiuBiu 34B/BB, Bravissimo 8C/RC, Urkye 34 o/oo
Favorite athleisure clothing brands: Athleta and Lululemon
Favorite bust-friendly clothing brands: BiuBiuBravissimo and Urkye

Favorite bra features: Vertical boning
Favorite Polish bra: Ewa Michalak Bra S Przeplatanki
Favorite American bra: Parisa Body Veil (but sizing is inconsistent)
Favorite encapsulation sports bra: Panache Sport
Favorite compression sports bra: Triumph Triaction Zen Top
Favorite bust-friendly swimsuit: Ewa Michalak Bra S Kostium Saint-Tropez
Favorite corset: Black corset dress from Passional
Favorite shapewear: Miraclesuit Hi-Waist Brief and Lululemon Sculpt Shorts