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Find of the Week: Silent Arrow Warrior Mama Maternity Bra

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Silent Arrow Warrior Mama Maternity Bra
30-40 C/D/DD-G/H (UK) – $64

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! I am seriously loving the Silent Arrow Warrior Mama Maternity Bra. It’s a hybrid between a bra and a crop top that can be worn during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The band has six sets of hooks for plenty of adjustment. The wireless cups are made to accommodate a range of 2 or 3 different cup sizes as cup size fluctuations are definitely to be expected during this time.

If you are not familiar with Silent Arrow, there is something that you should know about their products. (You can also take a look at my last post, featuring the Silent Arrow Busted Bring It Cross Front Bra!)

Silent Arrow & You

I really hope that this bra is still for sale if/when I eventually get pregnant because cage lingerie is definitely my aesthetic. Stay tuned for a more colorful “Find of the Week” blog post next week! 💖

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