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Find of the Week: Bravissimo Pool Float

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I have stumbled upon so many fascinating bust-friendly items lately that I decided to start a “Find of the Week” series to share them with you! This year, Bravissimo‘s April Fool’s joke was a pool float with “cupholders” so one can lay on their stomach as shown below.

They didn’t expect such a prolific response but hundreds of people asked them to turn this April Fool’s joke into a real product so they decided to go through with it. On the the US site,  it sells for $45. It sells for £25 on the UK site and is available to try in all of their stores.

5-star review by their customer Joanne stated, “Absolutely perfect for my enormous 38J boobs plus storage space for my phone, tissues, glasses, sun screen and lip balm. Fantastic idea and oh so comfy. I use mine in the garden and it’s perfect. Well done Bravissimo!”

I bought one yesterday and hope that it arrives before my annual vacation with some of my best friends! We always go swimming on our vacations together so I will have someone take some pictures of it in action so I can report back and let you know what I think about it.


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