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Brand Spotlight: Panache Lingerie (UK)

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but it contains affiliate links.

Panache Lingerie is a UK-based brand that manufactures lingerie, sports bras and swimwear in a size range encompassing 28-46 bands and B-K cups in a variety of colors, patterns and prints like the Cosmic Print shown in the featured image. They utilize UK sizing.

I decided to write about them today because we are all at different points on our journeys with lingerie and, with five lines that share an emphasis on fit, Panache Lingerie is a great starting point for people looking for lingerie beyond the readily available 32-40 A-DD range.

The Panache, Cleo, Panache Swim and Panache Sport lines start at 28-bands with many options for smaller band sizes and/or larger cup sizes, while the Sculptresse line starts at 34-bands. The Panache line has delicate bridal bras and practical nursing bras, too.


Panache: “A fit for everything you are.”
Panache Porcelain Moulded Bra
Cleo: “Crafted for fit. Styled for fun.”
Cleo Breeze Longline Balconnet
Sculptresse: “Crafted for fit. Styled for curves.”
Sculptresse Dana Strapless Bra
Panache Swim Britt Stripe Halter Bikini Top
Panache Swim: “Crafted for fit. Styled for comfort.”
Panache Swim Britt Stripe Halter Bikini Top
Panache Sport Bra in Cosmic Print
Panache Sport: “Crafted for fit. styled for support.”
Panache Sport Bra in Cosmic Print

Encapsulation sports bras use cups to support breasts individually. Compression sports bras use fabric to push breasts towards the ribcage. Since breasts move in a figure 8 pattern, encapsulation sports bras are better equipped to limit movement and protect ligaments.

The Panache Sport, an encapsulation sports bra that claims to reduce bounce by 83%, was developed and tested using 3D motion and biomechanical technology. While I can’t quite put that claim to the test, I have some thoughts on the Panache lines I have worn.

When I was new to full bust bra shopping, I wanted something that still felt youthful and was drawn to Cleo’s bright and fun colors. The Cleo Breeze Longline, with its vertical boning, and the Cleo Maddie, which I wore today, are among my favorite bras.

Last summer, I was determined to go swimming with friends on our annual vacation without accidentally flashing the pool like 2014 or coming close like 2016. My Panache Swim Tankini kept me covered and supported through all of our antics in the resort pool.

My Panache Sport Bra is up for all kinds of activities including endurance hula hooping, hiking with my dog, treadmill sessions, working on cars and yoga. Some people, including me, go down one cup size from their usual Panache size due to breast shape.

I have some discontinued Panache Sport items, too. The Panache Sport Swimsuit fits ideally and flatters my figure, almost like a Little Black Dress, so I’ll be taking it on vacation this summer. The Panache Sport Vest kept rolling up my torso and just didn’t suit me.

If you have been trying to weigh your options, I hope this blog post has given you something to consider. If you would like to try Panache Lingerie on in person, you can access a list of stockists and lines available in store on the Panache Lingerie website. Best of luck!

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