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In 2015, I visited the doctor to discuss daily back pain. She informed me that I would be a candidate for breast reduction if I was interested. She did not try to sway my decision as she knew that was an intimately personal decision that should not be taken lightly.

However, she wanted me to bear in mind that the ability to breastfeed after reduction may be compromised. She wrote me a referral for physical therapy and explained that it would be the next step regardless of whether or not I wanted a reduction.

I had an hour of PT twice a week for a few months. The sessions consisted of PT stretches, manual therapy (a.k.a. massage), resistance exercises, education on proper body mechanics and heat therapy. I did “homework” between sessions as well, in the form of PT stretches.

The PT stretches were a great way to ease in and prepare my body for the rest of the session. The manual therapy felt fantastic and I sincerely appreciated how they distracted me with questions and small talk when it was time to apply more pressure and really put in work.

The resistance exercises involved resistance bands and felt like a workout. The education on proper body mechanics improved my posture for lifting, sitting and sleeping. The heat therapy entailed a large heated blanket draped over my body and I loved it so much.

Thanks to physical therapy, I went from having back pain every day to one or two days a month. Reduction in pain without reduction in size was exactly what I wanted and is exactly what I got. I recommend physical therapy if you have back pain! Your mileage may vary.

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