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A reader asked me how I can do long treadmill workouts without getting a black eye. I wear the Panache Sport, a feature-rich encapsulation sports bra currently sold in sizes 28-40 B-J (UK).

Panache Sport

Encapsulation bras support breasts separately. Compression bras press them towards the ribcage. Breasts move in a figure 8 pattern. Encapsulation bras limit movement and protect ligaments.


One may need to size down, depending on breast shape. I go down one cup size from my usual UK bra size. (If you’re wondering what UK has to do with anything, read the recent post about bra sizes.)

Panache Sport Swimsuit.jpg

The Panache Sport Swimsuit is discontinued but still floating around Amazon and eBay in select sizes. If you find it in your size, you may want to buy it as it is practical, supportive and well-crafted.

Panache Sport.png

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