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Brand Spotlight: Adina Reay (UK)

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Today’s brand spotlight is on Adina Reay, an independent luxury lingerie brand based in the UK. They offer bras, bodysuits and underwear in a size range that runs from 28DD to 36G (UK) and Small to Large.

“Adina Reay lingerie is designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for the 28DD to 36G luxury market.”

While silk is almost synonymous with luxury, Adina Reay offers some beautiful ensembles without animal-sourced materials. These are from the Fran collection, pictured below in the Toast, Scarlet, Peacock, and Black colorways. Another colorway, Orchid, is shown in the featured image above. The balcony bras (available in 28DD to 36G) are made of nylon and elastane, while the shorts (available in Small to Large) are made of polyamide and elastane.

The Fran shorts are available with matching detachable suspenders, pictured below, as well.

Here are some more beautiful ensembles that are currently available. These are from the Pen collection, pictured below in the Champagne and Fraise colorways. Another colorway, Ocean, is available as well. The balcony bras (available in 32DD to 36G) and briefs (available in Small to Large) are made of polyamide, polyester and elastane.

I had the opportunity to meet with Adina Reay brand representatives, check out their latest and greatest and discover the answers to some questions.

Q: What are their favorite pieces from previous collections?

A: The Fran collection sticks out in their minds as beautiful and timeless.

Q: What inspired them to go into the curve-friendly clothing/lingerie industry?

A: They wanted to offer beautiful styles, not just practical styles, for the DD to G market.

Q: What is a lesson from their philosophy that can carry over into everyday life?

A: “Show how much impact simplicity can have” is the tagline for the Fran collection.

Q: What are my favorite pieces among their offerings?

A: I love the sexy and simple aesthetic of the Fran balcony bra and short with suspender, pictured below, particularly in Black. It exudes beauty and sex appeal and it is available in a 28-band.

Adina Reay Fran Black Balcony Bra Short With Suspender Combo

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