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Brand Spotlight: DDAtelier (Russia)

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Today’s brand spotlight is on DDAtelier, based in Russia, and this blog post utilizes DDAtelier’s unique sizing system. They sell tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear, and their size range runs from 65D (≈30D) to 85H (≈38H).

“One of the first brands in the world who began to make bra sized clothes for women with hourglass figure! We all are different and deserve having clothing created to perfectly fit our figures. That’s why DDAtelier created the unique size system based on bra sizing. For every size in the waist and hips, you can choose three different bust sizes – cups D, F and H.”

None of the beautiful dresses shown below were made with animal-sourced materials and none of them require dry cleaning. What a time to be alive. This bright white dress (1-337) pictured below, currently available in select sizes for 30% off, is made of 100% cotton. Details include an adjustable waist and shoulder cutouts. This dress is also available in select sizes in the Gray, Turquoise and Navy colorways.


This ravishing red satin dress (1-328) pictured below, featured in this Christmas Eve post and currently available for 30% off, is made of 49% cotton, 48% polyester and 3% spandex. Details include pleats and pockets.


This gorgeous green velvet maxi dress (1-324) pictured below, currently available for 50% off, is made of 96% polyester and 4% elastane, and lined with 100% polyester. Details include a concealed side zipper and a playful side slit that extends up to the left thigh. This dress is also available in select sizes in the Amethyst Violet colorway.


As you can see, DDAtelier designs some beautiful clothes. If you would like to read more about their company, you can view this post written by my friend Darlene of Hourglassy.com that features an interview with founder Olga Promptova and designer Taisia Kaygorodova. I was on Facebook earlier when I read today’s update from their founder.


Personally, I am sad to see one of the first brands to make bra-sized clothes close down. Goodbye, DDAtelier, and thank you for spending a decade designing and manufacturing beautiful bra-sized clothes. I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for something in my size, which I suspect is 65F, during the aforementioned clearance sale!

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