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Let’s Talk About Boudoir Shoots

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Hi! Talking to my family and friends made me realize that many people who have never done a boudoir shoot are quite intrigued by the idea. It also made me realize that some may be feeling a bit shy, so I wanted to broach the subject!

Let’s get started with some definitions from Dictionary.com for context:

boudoir – noun – a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room

shoot – noun – a photographic or movie-making session



Who? Three Boudoir
What? On-site hair and makeup services and boudoir shoot
When? Summer 2014
Where? Maryland
Wearing? VS Very Sexy cherry blossom set (32DD/S) then Passional black corset dress (26)
Why? I felt like this would be tons of fun after absolutely crushing my fitness goals!



Who? Tait Boudoir
What? On-site hair and makeup services and boudoir shoot
When? Summer 2015
Where? Virginia
Wearing? Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy strappy red set (32DD/S)
Why? This was the perfect pre-wedding present for both my husband and myself!


Who? Three Boudoir
What? On-site makeup services and boudoir shoot
When? Winter 2017
Where? Washington, DC
Wearing? VS Very Sexy strappy tan and black set (32DD/S) then VS PINK shirt (XS)
Why? I am working diligently to end my 20s on a high note and this seemed fitting!

I did a multi-platform “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) request and received great questions…

Q: “How did you prepare beforehand?”
A: Leading up to the shoot, I read the e-mails sent by the photo studio because they are full of relevant information! I generally eat healthful foods and did not diet or change my routine. I know that drinking alcohol makes me retain water weight, but I don’t drink much so that was not a concern. One day before the shoot, I booked my makeup appointment then took pictures in front of a white wall in 10 potential outfits. I made my husband’s day by bombarding him with pictures. I selected 3 that suited my personal sense of style and also flattered my body.”

Q: “What did you do on the day of the shoot?”

On the day of the shoot, my to-do list was rather brief. I shaved carefully (and still managed to cut myself) and washed my hair while in the shower. Once I got out, I dried myself, brushed and towel-dried my hair. I wore a dress with no buttons, straps or zippers in order to avoid leaving indentations on my skin. I also skipped jewelry for the same reason. I had my husband paint my nails in a neutral color before leaving and had a light breakfast in the truck. By breakfast, I mean that I ate his cookies with no remorse.

Here is a look behind the scenes as I got ready for my most recent shoot. The top left picture was taken outside my house when I took my dog Turbo outside after my shower, everything in between was taken in the makeup artist’s chair, and the bottom right picture was taken during the shoot itself.


I hope that this post has helped you realize that this experience is all about beauty, body positivity, empowerment and strength and shouldn’t be thought of as a dirty, shameful or taboo experience.

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