Hi, My Name Is Ami…

I am an American of Indian descent and was raised with two cultures and languages.
I was born and raised in Maryland and still visit often as many of my loved ones live there.
I fell in love with Integras in 2003 and that led me to my career, many friendships and so much more.
I gained considerable weight after my father’s death, then worked diligently, lost 35 pounds and kept it off.
I hold an Undercar Specialist Certificate, a Bachelor in Business and a Minor in Marketing.
I met Dan on an Integra enthusiast website and we had a beautiful car-themed wedding in 2015.


ITR Expo.png
We love bonding over this great hobby and are in the process of building a family automotive business.
We live in the exurbs of Virginia with our adopted pets; two cats and one Pit Bull Mix.
I love food.
I suffered from chronic migraines through my 20s until Paramedic Dan solved the medical mystery.


Flag picture: Lance McKeithan Photography

Graduation picture: GradImages

Wedding picture: Andrew Wagner: Photographer

Wedding video: FonzMEDIA

Racetrack picture: NVUS Images

All other pictures were taken by family and friends on my behalf.

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