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PTR’s art project appeared in my Instagram feed recently. In her own words, it is a “projeto de semi nude artístico vetorizado” or  an “artistic semi nude project.” Since PTR is currently accepting submissions, I submitted two photos. She is equal parts kind and talented, so I wish to share her art with my audience.


I posed for a boudoir shoot a month before my wedding and brought my bridal lingerie. While bridal lingerie and the color white go hand in hand, I eschewed tradition and chose a fiery red set instead. When I see PTR’s drawing, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind what I was wearing. The colors of my bra and its hardware are just right, along with the details of my bra cups and underwear straps.


PTR did an amazing job with the shading of this implied nude. When I see PTR’s drawing, it takes me back to that boudoir shoot and she did a fantastic job of capturing a symbol of my unmarried days – a ziptie ring dipped in sterling silver. When I look at these drawings, I don’t just see colors and lines. I see feelings too.

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