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Hey! Amazon issued me a $33.56 gift balance so you can guess what happened next…


I got this Panache Sport Swimsuit for a whopping 72% off from the $115 (USD) MSRP. You can click any picture to go to the link.

Panache Sport Swimsuit Front.jpg

My first summer with big boob problems, a group of car friends and I decided to take advantage of the resort’s swimming pool while on vacation together. One friend wore a GoPro in a special waterproof case to record our trip to the pool. I rose from the water at one point, but my strapless swimsuit did not. I presume that the Panache Sport Swimsuit would eliminate the chance of flashing headlights at car friends, which is quite comforting… especially in the day and age of waterproof GoPro setups!


All in all, this looks like a practical piece and I can’t wait to get it here and try it on! Fortunately, I only have to wait 2 business days thanks to Amazon Prime.

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