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Plunges, T-Shirts & More on Zulily

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Rise and shine! Before I start wrenching with my best friends, I figured I’d fill you in on the latest bra sale I’ve found along with my most recent bra purchase.

Plunges T-Shirts & More.png

Click here for my referral link to Zulily’s Plunges, T-Shirts & More event, with bras up to 65% off. Highlights include Kinga, Parisa and Samanta. This event currently shows 28-48 bands and A-M cups (EU sizing) in stock. Styles include plunges, t-shirts & more.


Out of everything, the Kinga Black Pearl Lace-Trim Music II Plunge Bra caught my eye. It’s $22.99 USD in the Zulily sale, as opposed to (what converts to) $66.78 USD on the Kinga website before shipping. I found this bra on the Kinga website, along with the matching underwear. I actually just bought the bra for $27.94 USD with shipping. Now that I have free shipping until 11:59 PM (PT) Monday, I may have to take another look at the Parisa bras… but I had to get this Kinga before it sold out. 😉


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