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I subscribe to Zulily’s daily e-mails because I love a good sale. I was pleased to see that there are multiple bra events going on right now. There is a Silhouettes for Every Shape event and a Kris Line event. My husband exclaimed, “Oh crap. I guess you might have to buy some bras tonight!” because he knows how much I love great deals, beautiful bras, and especially great deals on beautiful bras!


He also knows how much I enjoy Parisa… when I can make it work. Why do I say that? Well, the Parisa Body Veil bras that fit like a proper bra is supposed to are 30G and 32G (US) but I am a 26H or 28G (US). They tack at the gore. I fill those cups out without quad-boobing. Vertical boning is an absolutely brilliant feature. I think I’m going to take the risk and dive into this sale, bearing in mind that I do have some experience with their confusing sizing. Disappointed Cat is disappointed by inconsistent sizing. You can click on the photo below to see Disappointed Cat and the bras in higher resolution.


Click here for my referral link to Zulily’s Silhouettes for Every Shape event, with bras up to 65% off. Highlights include Parfait and Parisa. This event currently shows 30-bands to 48-bands and B-cups to N-cups in stock.


Click here for my referral link to Zulily’s Kris Line event, with activewear, intimates and swimwear up to 45% off. This event currently shows 28-bands to 50-bands and B-cups to O-cups in stock.


(To my family and friends who just learned that O-cups do exist, buckle up because you’re going to learn a lot more from this blog!)

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