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Review: Exclusively Kristen Urban Gypsy Top

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Disclaimer: Exclusively Kristen provided me with a complimentary item for review. I did not and will not receive any compensation for this post. All views expressed and implied are my own.


The Exclusively Kristen Urban Gypsy Top arrived with this short but sweet card on Christmas Eve. When I read this card from an American brand focused on the D+ through H cup (UK) segment, the realization that this blog was more than just an idea in my mind finally hit me.


After trying it on and exchanging some picture and text messages with my sister-in-law, I decided that it would be more than appropriate for Christmas Day.


In the picture above, from Christmas lunch, I am wearing a size 4 Exclusively Kristen Urban Gypsy Top paired with size XS Girlfriend Collective leggings. This top could easily have been paired with dress pants, but I wanted to eat a lot of food! The pictures show extra room in the shoulders, but I have narrow and short shoulders. I appreciate how the neckline is neither low nor high because it adds to the versatility of this piece. The top fit me wonderfully at the bust and waist, with some help from the horizontal line at the empire waist that becomes a fabric belt at the back of the shirt.


My lovely dining companions all complimented my Christmas look. My husband thought it was “really nice and cute” but commented on my shoulders. Our best friend, who has inconveniently wide feet and can commiserate, was “honestly surprised that it’s not from Europe!” My mother thought the fabric was cozy and soft. All in all, I would definitely recommend this versatile top. It’s currently marked down from $69.99 to $15 with free shipping within America, making it a great way to try out an emerging brand that happens to be both bust-friendly and made in America!

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