Just Curvy Things

I have to give a shoutout to my mother, who is one of the biggest fans of my blog. I sent her the link to my “What To Wear? Holiday Party!” post and I may have let her pull the trigger on this one.


She insisted that I absolutely *had* to wear the red/white gingham dress since I live out in the country. She had no idea that I actually bought this dress with the exact intention of wearing it to a party out in the country. See, you just can’t beat a mother’s intuition!


The Collectif Mainline Dolores Sweetheart Gingham Doll Dress won me over, and it apparently also won over just about half the ladies in my neighborhood! I seriously lost count of how many compliments I got. After the party ended, my next door neighbor messaged me with more compliments.


On top of the usual array of Big Boob Problems, I am 4’11” with a short torso and long legs. Naturally, I absolutely detested dress shopping until I was enlightened to the world of bust-friendly and pinup clothing. My husband actually pointed out that the shoulders on this dress are perfect for me. This is noteworthy as it happens often that I am able to fill out the bust, waist and hips of a dress but not the shoulders. The white heart-shaped buttons at the sweetheart neckline are so cute and I absolutely LOVE the neckline on this dress!


In fact, you know who else liked this dress? Santa Claus!

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